Point Reyes Music Center of Marin County, CA

Have you ever said to yourself, "I wish I could just play...

Piano, Guitar, Ukelele, Bass, Drums, African-style Hand drums, Cello or other Strings, or even Sax or Clarinet?

And if you are a parent or girl who wants to play piano, guitar, bass, or drums, have you ever thought about studying with a woman drum teacher or woman guitar teacher, especially one who has been a life-long professional musician?

Have you ever wanted to play in a music group?

Have you ever thought, "I would like to know how to write a good song...and even sing it while I play guitar or piano."


Everyone is born with a sense of music. It only needs coaxing sometimes. And after the coaxing, it only takes about twenty to thirty minutes a day to steadily progress on an instrument.

When you decide to seek lessons after looking up a few lessons that may seem to move too fast on youtube, the person who teaches you will be carrying everything he or she has learned from teachers along the way.


These are some of the great performers Joyce Kouffman has jammed or sat -in with, studied with, or rehearsed and performed with in-depth:

Gwen Avery, vocalist/pianist (The Blues)

Leonard Bernstein, composer/conductor/educator (the New York Philharmonic and Harvard talks on Poetry and Music)

Barbara Borden, drums ("Alive")

Lester Bowie, trumpet (The Art Ensemble of Chicago)

Don Braden, saxophone (band leading and past sideman with Betty Carter, Wynton Marsalis, and Diane Shur)


Janet Hood, composer/pianst (of Jade & Sarsparila)

Bart Hopkin, guitar (Whole Earth Catalog instrument-making and the collabroative video "Making a Driftwood Xylophone" on Youtube)

Jean Baptiste "Illinois" Jacquet, towering tenor saxophonist (Lionel Hampton, Count Basie)

Yo-Yo Ma, cello (College classmate, playing in orchestras, with Yo-Yo as soloist)


Linda Pastan, poet (twice finalist for the National Book Award)

Sammy Price, "king of boogie woogie" piano

Gray Sargent, jazz guitar (tours with Tony Bennett)

Lisbeth Scott, composer/pianist/vocalist (original film "Lion King," "Munich" to name only two of hundreds)

David Del Tredici, composition (Alice in Wonderland opera)

Linda Tillery, drummer/vocalist (The Cultural Heritage Choir)

Mary Watkins, Composer/pianist (three operas and two Academy film music nominations)


Take that first step into the world of music. Music can be your forever friend and companion no matter what is happening around you. Please call and have a talk with Joyce Kouffman 415-663-9176. She will listen and guide your studies in a special way.