Sea of Creativity 2010

A Sea of Creativity

Create your own art, poetry, stories, music-making in Toby's Gallery throughout October

Novices especially encouraged. Public Events and Special Guests Every Weekend! Art installations designed by Toni Littlejohn, Nancy Stein, Maureen "Mo" Blumenthal, and Janet Robbins, paintings by Connie Mery, Fariba Bogzaran, Kate Olds, Christine DeCamp, music by composer/multi-instrumentalist Joyce K and many special guests, pianist Mary Watkins, bassist Tami Pallingston, vocalist Lisbeth Scott, and especially the return of award-winning poet Linda Pastan from Maryland.

Every Saturday and Sunday during the month of October 2010, professional musician/community music activist Joyce Kouffman will be in the Composer's Corner of the installation at Toby's Gallery.

The ocean-healing art installation, co-designed by Toni Littlejohn and Nancy Stein accompanied by poignant portraits and stories of historically lesser known women composers by Maureen "Mo" Blumenthal, Janet Robbins, will also encourage spontaneous song writing, poetry and art making on the murals in the gallery, jamming, and informal music-making for all ages and levels. Free and donations welcome for the festival.

There will also be a "show within a show" designed by Mo Blumenthal and Janet Robbins. Mo's graceful renditions of women composers will be on display with Janet Robbins' eloquently recorded Cds of their biographies and music.

Sunday, October 3, 3-5 p.m., Toby's Gallery, Opening Event: A Gyre of Ocean Story

A community discussion and panel of experts from science, art, music, poetry, and writing will discuss images, stories, and offerings of healing solutions for the oceans. Special guests at this printing: author Julia Whitty, oceanic conservationist Michael Stocker, naturalist Claire Peaslee, moderator, and others to be announced. Festival Potluck Opening Reception to follow. Free and donations welcome for the festival.

Saturday, October 9, 3-5 p.m. Part I: 3-4p.m.. Dust Off Your Instrument and Let's Play!

Do you have an old trumpet or clarinet or violin in your closet or attic that you have been intending to play someday? C'mon, take it out, bring it down to Toby's Gallery and we'll get each other going! It doesn't matter what it will sound like. Joyce can help you get started again. Have the fun of making some interesting sounds. No skills too basic!

Part II: 4-5 p.m. The Language of Rhythm : Table Drumming for All

Everyone, can drum on a table! Joyce will give everyone parts to play and guidance for getting the best sound out of a table. All drummers started on tables and probably have never stopped. All babies drum on tables with their spoons. Be a baby again. All ages of children and adults welcome!

And, Yes, there is free lunch, after free table drumming. Bring some cookies and drinks to have on the table after we drum.

Thursday, October 14, 7:30 p.m.: "Songs From Another World"

An intimate evening of voice and world percussion with internationally-renowned singer/songwriter Lisbeth Scott and extraordinary percussionist Quinn. Sliding Scale: $10-$30. Toby's Gallery, Main St. Point Reyes, CA.

Known for her work as both an independent singer/songwriter and singer for film and television, Lisbeth Scott has been awarded Best New Artist and Best Album in the New Age world two years in a row. Her songs and voice have graced Billboard's charts for sometimes 10 weeks at a time. Steven Spielberg chose her voice to be the soul of his film Munich. 100s of films feature her so

ngs and voice, from AVATAR to Narnia. John Williams wrote a 5 minute piece specifically for Scott's rapturous sound. She travels the world regularly, moving audiences with her unique tone and spirit, sometimes as a soloist and sometimes with a 100 piece orchestra to accompany her. Come and experience the compelling sound and spirit of Lisbeth's healing and passionate voice in our own Toby's Gallery! For pre-listening to Lisbeth's numerous recordings and videos, please visit Lisbeth's web sites:

Friday and Saturday, October 15 and 16, two shows of the same material in early evening -- Fierce Unruly Joy

Exquisite poetry meets stunningly original music in "Fierce Unruly Joy," a collaborative creation of Point Reyes-based composer Joyce Kouffman and award-winning poet Linda Pastan. Returning to West Marin following her featured role in Point Reyes Music Center's first multi-arts festival at Toby's in October 2007, Linda Pastan - former poet laureate in Maryland and finalist for the National Book Award - reads selections from eloquent love poems, including some from a forthcoming volume. Joyce Kouffman leads a world-class ensemble performing exciting and poignant music - spoken-word jazz - that she has set to Pastan's poems. Joined by brilliant pianist Mary Watkins, Tami Pallingston's rhythmic excellence on bass, the gorgeous voice of Lisbeth Scott, and - on several instruments, with a constant flare for innovation - Joyce Kouffman. An evening to be relished and remembered. Come and see the new ways in which Pastan's work continues to inspire Kouffman's composing!

Reservations recommended at

Tax-deductible donations to support the "Sea of Creativity" festival - from $20 to benefactor level of $120


HEAVEN by Linda Pastan

Are there seasons in heaven?

In God's anteroom are there windows

that look out on trees like these ----

each leaf a note for the brass

ensemble of autumn----

the dry ones castenets

clicking: October, October.

Can heaven itself be golden

enough to rival all this?

Saturday, October 23, 1-3 p.m. Community Poetry and Music Circle

Come read your poems, play your songs in between the poems! Contact Joyce Kouffman by October 20 to state your intentions at the gathering. or 415-663-9176. Free and Donations for the festival welcome.

Saturday October 30, 1-5 p.m. Improvathon Drawing from the Month's Work

A gathering of improvisers from many fields will take the poems, stories, drawings left behind by festival participants through

the month and weave them together into an ecosystem, a "Sea of Creativity." Free and Donations for the festival welcome.

You are invited to write, draw, and make music.


    • Co-sponsored by Toby's Feedbarn, Point Reyes Books, Windsong and Knob Hill B&B's, Tides Foundation advised by Kate Wilson, and many individual friends and supporters of Joyce Kouffman's work.

    • Costs of the festival have grown with the addition of world class musicians to our new recording and live events. We wish to offer the festival at very low cost to our community. Many donations of all sizes -small, medium, and large - have been gathered to present this festival and many donations will continue to be welcomed throughout.

    • If you would like to donate at this time, please go to the "Music Life-Work Fund" page of this website. Paypal, credit cards, and tax deductible checks to DanceArt Inc. are three options for contributing. Thank you in advance for honoring our work with your donations.

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Community Poetry Reading and Music: Poets are welcome to sign up to read two poems each in a reading circle with Joyce performing J.S. Bach on both cello and classical guitar in between poets.