Music Visits

NEW! "Music Visits" monthly subscription series promotes inner peace, tranquility, and states of well-being through custom-designed groups and individual sessions providing social connection and joyful music education.

WHY: Music enhances our well-being, aliveness, tranquility, and fundamental joy!

HOW: Following a free ("no obligation") introductory call to discover your musical "wish list" and discuss ways to manifest it, Joyce will meet with you each month, privately or in a group (presently by phone or online).

WHAT: If you have always wanted to try an instrument, understand the magic of a Motown beat, view Bernstein conducting Beethoven’s 9th at The Wall and discuss it afterwards with fellow viewers, listen to or watch YouTube selections followed by Joyce’s expertly led discussions, we can design your personal program together.

In both groups and private sessions, Joyce will introduce you to Professor Jeanne Bamberger’s (M.I.T./Harvard) “Listening Log” tool, used in Joyce’s award-winning Harvard teaching. This creative and investigative tool increases musical perceptions by helping us hear many more layers in the music, which, in turn, adds to our enjoyment. The sky’s the limit! What are your ideas?

HOW MUCH: Sliding-scale fees.

A full detail of fees will be emailed to you after we begin to custom design your subscription with either group or individual sessions.